Eric Bailey Photography



In this age of apps, screens, and notifications, it seems like it is getting harder to go outside. Sure, we can see what the outdoors looks like on a screen, but I fear that this is becoming the norm for seeing the world outside.

I use the camera to capture images of the outdoors, from local conservation areas to national parks. I hope to inspire my audience with my work; inspire them to get out there to explore these types of places for themselves. I feel that with exploration will come appreciation for the environment and perhaps a sense of tranquility in themselves.

I believe John Muir was right when he wrote about spending time in the wilderness: it can make your cares go away. Through my own experience in the outdoors, I found these words to be true first hand. Even after I lost my wallet in a creek, I was able to let it go and move on with my hike. I think back on that day and laugh now. I figure that if my wallet can become one with nature, anyone can do the same.