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Home Sweet HomeJuly 15, 2013

The trip to Acadia National Park went really well. Overcast skies and low clouds made for wonderful lighting. I have been there three times before, but never saw the park like I did this past week. No camera injuries to report. I managed to slip on a rock and chip my tooth…again. The first time I did it, I leaned back while sipping a ginger beer (because I am a tough guy), and my knee hit the bottom of the bottle into my front tooth. Classic.

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First PostJune 25, 2013

My new site is officially up and running! It has been quite the ride to get to this point. The whole process began back in January, with the goal of launching a new site by the summer time. So here we are. I want to thank my friends and family for their help and support with my photography. I don’t know where I would be without Steve, Tari, or Amanda to proof read my terrible writing, not to mention the feedback about my photographs. Thank you all. To celebrate the launch, here is a photograph to show how excited I am about the event.


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