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Long Awaited Nighttime AdventuresAugust 12, 2013

I met up with some friends for my first night shoot in a long time. During the course of the evening, I came up with a few guidelines for future night shoots. It’s not a successful night shoot until you get kicked out by a security guard. It’s not a wonderful night shoot until you get surrounded by the police. Thankfully they were not looking for us. We happened to be in the location where they pinged the 911 call. All in all, it was nice to enjoy a summer night with friends, meet some friendly Lowell Police Officers (no sarcasm implied, they were really nice), and invent some new jokes involving sand fleas.

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Mono LakeAugust 12, 2013


At the end of my trip to California in the summer of 2012, I visited Mono Lake. Mono Lake is a prehistoric lake located in California in the Eastern Sierra. The Eastern Sierra is at a much higher elevation than my native Massachusetts. While standing on the edge of the lake, I was a little over 100 feet higher than the summit of Mount Washington. At the time, I found that hard believe.

Mono Lake was like nothing I had ever seen before. The lakes main geological characteristic are it’s towers of limestone called Tufa. Tufa are formed when springs move water and calcium in the soil upward into the lake. The calcium mixes with carbonates in the lake water, forming limestone.

If you visit the lake today, you can see Tufa formations out of the water. The exposed Tufa are due to a gradual decline of Mono Lake. The lake is fed by melting snow from the surrounding mountains. Over time, it’s tributaries have been re-routed due to human intervention. The result a one hundred food drop in the lake’s volume. This drop has had an adverse effect on the wildlife, specifically the birds that use it for a nesting location.

I have a full gallery of photographs on my website that I took during my time at Mono Lake. I invite you to take a look. Here is a link:

For additional information on Mono Lake, please visit:

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First Solo ExhibitionAugust 5, 2013



My first solo show will be held at the Landau Gallery in Belmont Massachusetts. It opens on October 18th and comes down November 15th.  The work featured in the show is from my series titled Parallels. I plan to have an opening reception and artist talk. As soon as I know the date, I will make another post with additional information.

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Tunnel Vision – Part IJuly 25, 2013

In the wake of my trip to Acadia, I would love to dive into the new images and begin editing. After some thought, I decided to put them onto the back burner for a while and focus on other work. Last summer, I went to Yosemite National Park. During my time there, I hiked like crazy and shot about 30 rolls of medium format film. Normally I do not shoot that much film, but in a place like Yosemite it is really easy to burn through several rolls without thinking twice.

I spent months developing a game plan for how to photograph Yosemite. I thought, “How can possibly do anything new there?”. To start, I planned to bring gear with really terrible optics. My weapons of choice were my Holga and Brownie Hawkeye with a flipped lens. I also packed my favorite film camera, a Yashica 124. When loaded into my pack, all three cameras weighted much less than my D700 with an 85mm. With my cameras and their plastic/coke bottle lenses, I wanted to photograph the park while composing aesthetically pleasing images. However, the images would be (sometimes extremely) soft-focus. With the Hawkeye, the colors tend to blur together making for very painterly images. Overall, I wanted to make photographs that are beautiful without trying to mimic Ansel Adams work.

Here is one of the first images I began editing for my new body of work from Yosemite. I plan to call the work “Tunnel Vision”.

Tunnel Vision no. 2 - Dewey Point

Dewey Point – Yosemite National Park – Holga with Portra 160

Home Sweet HomeJuly 15, 2013

The trip to Acadia National Park went really well. Overcast skies and low clouds made for wonderful lighting. I have been there three times before, but never saw the park like I did this past week. No camera injuries to report. I managed to slip on a rock and chip my tooth…again. The first time I did it, I leaned back while sipping a ginger beer (because I am a tough guy), and my knee hit the bottom of the bottle into my front tooth. Classic.

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