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North Dana Part INovember 23, 2014

North West Bank no. 1 - Thompson Pond Area, Quabbin Reservoir

North East Bank no. 1 – Thompson Pond Area, Quabbin Reservoir

Nikon D700 with 14mm-24mm f/2.8

As this year draws to a close, I started to realize that I have taken numerous digital photographs during my hikes and adventures and never bothered to edit them. The hikes I went on this year were key because it got me out of the house, and helped my mind relax after working on planning the wedding. With the wedding in the past, I want to get moving on some of these images that have been stewing in my computer’s hard drive all year.

Dana Town Marker web

Dana Town Marker

Nikon D700 with 14mm-24mm f/2.8

To kick off my sad attempts at playing catchup, I wanted to start in April. Yes, we are going way back with some of these photographs. Toward the end of April, Amanda and I went on a hike in the North East side of the Quabbin. Today, this area is part of Petersham however it was once part of the town of Dana. Technically, our hike began in New Salem because we parked at gate 35. We crossed the town line into Petersham a little ways into the hike. However, the town town line marker we saw does not have a “P” on the south side. It has a “D” for Dana. I thought that this was so cool because I expected the marker to be long gone.