Eric Bailey Photography

Capital MX-IISeptember 15, 2013


In the wake of my Grandparents (Dad’s side) passing, we have unearthed numerous treasures from their home. We found old uniforms, cooking tools, photographs, model airplanes, and a few cameras. I was given the cameras to use. One camera that I received is a Capital MX-II. It’s a total gem. I am pretty sure they bought it from a magazine, perhaps a mail-order special, and never used it. It is a simple point and shoot 35mm camera with a plastic lens, sturdy metal body, and single shutter speed. I expected it to have Holga-like settings such as Sun and Clouds (f/16 and f/8), however it blew me away with its 4 aperture settings. This makes it slightly more versatile than my Holga 135, except the Holga has a bulb setting for long exposures. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Holga 135. However, I find the Capital a fun team mate to had to my toy camera family.


The first roll I ran through the Capital was an expired roll of Brook’s Pharmacy 200 Speed film. If you can’t remember when Brook’s Pharmacy was a big chain, then you can imagine how old the film is. Given age and make of the film, my expectations were not very high for my test roll. For the record, I use horrible film like the Brook’s film to test cameras out. I do not see the point in running a nice brand new roll of film through an old camera to test drive it. Also, I have about 15 more rolls of Brook’s film to use so I might as well just use it for experiments. Anyway, the first roll came out…sort of. The color is all over the place. That was not the Capital’s fault. Also, the grain was more like a roll of 3200 speed rather than 200. Once again, not the Capital’s fault. The exposures looked just fine. Also, the mechanics seemed to be in good working order. Overall, I think the camera works really well. There is no focus to worry about, just make sure the aperture is set correctly. I plan to run a few more rolls through the camera soon, perhaps some Velvia100 or Delta100. I am interested to see how those look after being run through my heirloom that also takes photographs.


Capital-MX-II – Brook’s Pharmacy 200 – Goose Rocks Beach, Kennebunkport, ME