Eric Bailey Photography

Tunnel Vision – Part IJuly 25, 2013

In the wake of my trip to Acadia, I would love to dive into the new images and begin editing. After some thought, I decided to put them onto the back burner for a while and focus on other work. Last summer, I went to Yosemite National Park. During my time there, I hiked like crazy and shot about 30 rolls of medium format film. Normally I do not shoot that much film, but in a place like Yosemite it is really easy to burn through several rolls without thinking twice.

I spent months developing a game plan for how to photograph Yosemite. I thought, “How can possibly do anything new there?”. To start, I planned to bring gear with really terrible optics. My weapons of choice were my Holga and Brownie Hawkeye with a flipped lens. I also packed my favorite film camera, a Yashica 124. When loaded into my pack, all three cameras weighted much less than my D700 with an 85mm. With my cameras and their plastic/coke bottle lenses, I wanted to photograph the park while composing aesthetically pleasing images. However, the images would be (sometimes extremely) soft-focus. With the Hawkeye, the colors tend to blur together making for very painterly images. Overall, I wanted to make photographs that are beautiful without trying to mimic Ansel Adams work.

Here is one of the first images I began editing for my new body of work from Yosemite. I plan to call the work “Tunnel Vision”.

Tunnel Vision no. 2 - Dewey Point

Dewey Point – Yosemite National Park – Holga with Portra 160